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Turn Your Home Into a Theater

Home Theater

Mad Mark’s Stereo is the best place to get your home theater set up. Whether it’s a simple wall mounting or a complex projector and surround sound system we can make your TV and movie experience the absolute best from picking your components, to installation, to setting them up and explaining what your many remotes do for you. We’ll create your favorite room for binging Netflix or experiencing the newest blockbuster without all of the crowds, sticky floor and noisy fellow movie goers.

If you want the best home theater installers in Bradenton and Sarasota you want Mad Mark’s Stereo.


When you’re ready to go beyond the average wall mounted 45 inch TV Mad Mark’s knows the projectors and screens that will truly transform your home into a theater. You can choose from a variety of options like active and passive 3D, 4K or 1080p.

We can also explain all the differences between DLP, LED, and 3LCD as well as what throw distance and keystone correction means and how it will impact your choice. Home theaters are complicated but with Mad Mark’s they don’t have to be.


If you’re looking to improve the sound of your movies and TV shows then we can help. We provide excellent audio solutions all the way from a 2.1 stereo set up to a 7.1 whole room surround system. We have a variety of speaker styles from floor standing, to on-wall, in-wall, or even stealthily hidden entirely.

Regardless of what type of system you want or your budget you can be sure that you’re getting exceptional sound quality with proper isolation.



Whether it’s wall mounted TVs with hidden wires or projectors and speaker systems our installations are clean and eliminate ugly wire clutter.


Perfect image combined with well designed audio placement pairs for an escape unlike any other.


From a simple stereo set up to a whole room surround sound we can help.

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